Parramatta Coffee Lovers, The Erby Blend


We pride ourselves in our specialty Erby Blend Coffee. We have been sworn to secrecy, that we shall not share the secrets to our rich flavoured blend – but if you’re reading this then you’re dying to know a little bit about it.

Step into the world of aromatic coffee, where a full bodied flavour has a charming and creamy finish on the palate. With a beautiful complete fragrance, this nutty tasting blend is sure to get your morning going. From latte’s to ristretto’s, to a deconstructed affogato – its bold intensity has got you covered.

Our beans originate from South America, Africa and Asia, and roasted to perfection. Roasted daily (as a medium roast) and in-house, the Erby Blend is a premium and smooth espresso, and works wonders in milk based coffee.

There’s only one way to start and finish your day – with a premium coffee from The Emporium Parramatta.

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