Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails, cocktail

So we have been extremely busy these past few weeks, designing new and exciting Signature Cocktails for our Autumn change!

Aaron has been hard at work, experimenting new ways to bring a bit of culture to Parramatta with new flavours.
He’s come up with 8 amazing cocktails that we can definitely call our own. With names like ‘Baby Tommy’s’ and ‘Plum Papa Doble’ you’ll be dying to try these.
We’ve got something for everyone. Sweet, sour and boasting a classic taste, Aaron is sure to get your night going.

The Twisted Sgroppino is served up with a lemonade sorbet, combined with fresh lemon and topped with our delicious Veneto Prosecco to leave your palate buzzing with flavour.
Our Autumn feature is the Plum Papa Doble. White rum with a rhubarb, plum, cinnamon and honey puree. Topped with our strawberry and hibiscus foam, this is perfect for the sweet lovers.

We’re all about the fun here, so try our Lemon Drop – Served up with a surprise. The quality comes right through these smooth cocktails that go down oh so well!

If you’re still after those good ol’ classics, he’s more than happy to shake it up for you, don’t be afraid to ask over the bar.

Picture: Plum Papa Doble and Whiskey Smash

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